Part 1


Welcome to the fourth module of this 6-part Codex course. I’m so excited to introduce this to you – it’s something I’ve dreamt of for a long time, and the possibilities it presents are unique and virtually limitless. All designs are exclusive to students of this course.

In each module, you’ll receive:

  • 8 New Codex Knotwork designs out of a total of 48 inter-connecting knotwork components, which you can download and print (available in 2 size formats)
  • A 3-part video explanation and demonstration, showing you how you can use The Codex system and apply it to your design projects. I recommend you watch the videos before starting anything, so that you can fully appreciate how to use The Codex in a number of different ways and for many different purposes.(Note: This video is available in module one only)
  • 24 never before seen Black Raven Armoury conceptual armour and accessory designs, which you can also download and print.
  • Several videos to help you to use the conceptual designs, remembering that so much comes from the mindset and thinking behind a creation – how it started, why it came into being, the whole process of evolution behind any design. This all happens way before lines hit paper, and this was a major reason why I wanted to give you some things to seriously consider (as we have to) when creating these concepts, not least of which is the long list of practical considerations you’ll find within each video, specific to that type of concept.

Access to a closed student group on Facebook for those who wish to share their ideas and projects, as well as a place to ask further questions and where I will be hosting occasional Q&A live streams to be found here:

Finally, as with all projects I am here to support and assist you and will do my best to reply to all questions asked and would ask just a little patience at the speed of reply as it could take a few days.

I can be contacted via the email below or Via FB direct messages or Messenger, or the comments section below. I’d just ask that all questions here are specific to this module, be it the Codex Components OR discussion of any of the Conceptual designs.

As students of my other courses know, if you’ve any questions, please just ask, I’m here to help you bring your ideas to life.

Have fun everyone – I look forward to seeing your projects!

Alex- Black Raven Armoury