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An Exclusive Design by Creator Alex Agricola of Black Raven Armoury

The “Gunnar Body Armour” Pattern Set

Gunnar Leather Pattern

A Once in a lifetime truly rare opportunity to get your hands on another of my exclusive “Beloved” pattern sets

Designed and created by Alex Agricola, founder of Black Raven Armoury & The Black Raven Academy.

“The Gunnar” Leather body armour was inspired by the great Norse Beasts & epic Norse longship. These designs were born of Alex’s enduring passion for re-creating armours and costume, that “could have” existed!

This pattern comes as a detailed digital download. Complete with full instructions, original Knotwork art, as well as scaled detailed files for you to create your own life-size version. We’ve also added pattern files for the plainer and a scaled version so you can print at home.

BONUS – Personal AND Commercial Licence to build up to 10 items for resale per pattern set purchased.

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What's Included

In addition to your patterns, instructions and print files apart of your download, you’ll also get access to our Academy member services program.

Here you’ll be able to ask for help, advice & support in relation to this or any future patterns Black Raven Armoury offers.


Your Exclusive Black Raven Armoury

The “Gunnar Body Armour” Pattern Set


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What you get:

Gunnar Body Armour Patterns Included Sizes:

Licence to Build for Personal Use + Commercial Licence to build up to 10 per per pattern set purchased

PLEASE NOTE: There are large zip files to download so please be patient as this may take a little time.

The Few Tools Needed:

Polly Mallet, Hammer for setting rivets, 1/8 inch (3mm) Punch or Drill, 3/32 inch (2mm) Punch or Drill, Sharp knife, Adjustable Stitch Groover, 2/0 Blunt needles, Rivet Setters to match rivets, No. 3 Edge Beveller, Anvil or hard surface,

Decorating tools Optional – Embossing stamps, Swivel Knife

Main Body use 9oz (3.2mm) Veg Tan or for SCA armours 13 oz Veg Tan
You will need a piece 60×40 inches (152×102 cm)

Straps use 6oz (2mm) You will need a piece 15×12 inches (37.5x30cm).

Rivets: In the following sizes:
20 x 1/2 inch (12mm) rivets • 100 x 3/8 inch (10mm) rivets • 10 x 9/32 inch (7mm) rivets.
For SCA armour use solid Burr Over Rivets

Buckles: 8 x ¾ inch (19mm) buckles.

D-Rings: 2 x 2 inch (50mm) D-Rings.

Thread, Dye Glue

PLEASE NOTE: There are files to download so please be patient as this may take a little time.

Email: alex@blackravenarmoury.co.uk

Unless otherwise stated, digital downloads purchased from the Black Raven Online Academy Store are not returnable or refundable after purchase and downloaded.

Also Please Note* All Instructions are in English only. Do NOT purchase unless you have a full grasp of the language.