The Black Raven Codex

Take Your Costumes To The Next Level With Stunning Knotwork

New 3-month training unlocks the ancient art of knotwork with the Black Raven Codex, a “codebreaker” that makes bringing your designs to life faster and simpler than ever before. Perfect for costuming, leather tooling, engraving, embossing, glass etching, tattooing and more.

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Imagine, Design, and Apply Intricate Knotwork Designs and Patterns – the Black Raven Codex Will Show You Everything You Need to Realize the Limitless Bounds of Your Creativity

Make Professional looking knotworking

Make Professional Looking Knotwork

Welcome to the Codex

A Knotworking Inspiration Guide & Training

Find Inspiration and Feed Your Creativity

Knotworking from Concept to Application in 6 Simple Steps

In 2018, after more than 20 years of creating leather armours, I launched the Black Raven Academy to provide experienced focus, direction and personal guidance for those who wished to learn the craft of leather armouring.

Once again, I’m proud to present the next step in the creative journey.

I’ve genuinely lost count of the number of times over the years I’ve been asked… “Where on earth do you get your inspiration?” or “Where on earth do you start when creating your knotwork?”

Now those questions are finally going to be answered. But rather than just the “How”, I explain the entire thinking process that goes into designs that feel memorable and authentic.

I’m also sharing 144 original conceptual designs for you to use. But most exciting of all is the world’s first “Knotwork Codebreaker” system for creating literally thousands of possible designs to adorn your creations. 

Learn to Create Stunning Knotwork In Hours - Not Days

After decades of adorning costumes, armours, and clothing, I developed a system that would reduce the time-consuming process of designing knotwork. Traditionally, knotworking is complex and time-consuming… taking days (or longer) to refine a design.

Now, thanks to the 48 exclusive interchangeable knotwork components, it’s possible to create thousands of designs – and quickly!

Yet it’s more than just a design. Quality knotworking is apparent the moment one lays eyes upon it.

That’s why in the Black Raven Codex, I not only share my system for quickly developing knotwork, I also share how to approach the craft so your designs tell a story for the ages.

By the Time You’ve Completed the Course, You’ll Have Created Your Own Pieces to Rival Any Professional Maker

Today, you don’t need to guess and pray your knotwork connects and overlaps as it should… you get to learn the secrets of the masters from anywhere in the world.

The 6 easy-to-follow modules in the complete Black Raven Armoury Codex give you knowledge and experience I had to learn on my own over decades of practice. As you work through the course, you’ll learn everything you need to make professional looking knotworking.

Plus, as a bonus, when you purchase the Codex, you’ll receive a license to use these designs in your commercial works. That means you can use and sell them as you please.

It’s my dream that someday, you’ll look back on your own journey into the world of knotworking with pride.

Black Raven Online Course Knotwork Example
Black Raven Online Course Knotwork Examples 1
Black Raven Online Course Knotwork Example
A Masterclass in Leather Gilding Course Lesson Tools Screenshot

When I started out, there was no internet, so I was reliant on books and hands on experimentation to develop my skills.

20 years on, and it’s still surprisingly difficult to find detailed information on knotworking that anyone can follow.

This is the first resource of its type, and I’m confident in stating that no other course will teach you this specific knotworking process from scratch. I’ll take you from the very beginning of the creation process right way through to the production of sales-quality items.

When you sign up for the course, you don’t just get an introduction to knotworking; you get your own little piece of me and this weird, whacky, and wonderful world. The only limit is your imagination.

What’s Included in the Program

Every module and resource in this 3-month program is carefully designed to provide you with practical, immediately-usable experience and resources. This recreates the experience of you working with me in my workshop as closely as possible – like a virtual apprenticeship.

You’ll watch as I demonstrate key concepts, principles, and tips for knotworking. And you’ll benefit from my decades of insider experience providing designs for film, theatre, and even many more.

And of course, I hold nothing back.

The Black Raven Codex Banner

The Black Raven Codex

The first resource of its kind, this “knotwork codebreaker” system shows you how to build your knotwork design skills. You’ll get:

The Black Raven Book of Art Banner

The Black Raven Book of Art

View exclusive original Black Raven Armoury conceptual art ready to be crafted into reality. You’ll learn:

By the End of the Three Month Program You’ll Have Permanent Access to 144 Professionally Crafted Concept Illustrations that Have the Potential to Be Converted into Thousands of Designs

Black Raven Academy Introducing Our Comprehensive Online Course For Craft Lovers
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"Can I Sell These Designs?"

I’m often asked if these designs can be used commercially… So here’s a unique deal!

Anyone wanting to take one of the concept designs in the Codex, create a pattern, then sell it can do so with my blessing! 

(Yes, giving credit for the original concept would be polite, but that’s your call).

It’s one more of the benefits of investing in the resources found in the Codex.

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"A Personal journey of creation & imagination"

Black Raven Online Course Armour Examples 1
Black Raven Online Course Knotwork Examples 1
Black Raven Online Course Student Examples 3
Black Raven Online Course Armour Examples 2

Discover Your Resourcefulness

I’ve designed this course to start you at the level I was when I started, with no money or materials. The course assumes no prior knowledge, so wherever you are on your knotworking journey, you’ll be taken step-by-step through a process that genuinely delivers results.

My passion is supporting and empowering the next generation of artisans, which is why this course is structured in such a way that any investment in tools and materials is kept to an absolute minimum. Second-hand tools and materials are readily available from various outlets and are very cost-effective. You’ll be amazed at the effect you can achieve for very little cost.

Discover Your Resourcefulness
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Full Support When You Need It

Each module comes with a post-module discussion group so you can discuss your ideas and any questions you may have with your fellow students. If you need extra help, we also offer ongoing support to help you with any issues you may have. I’ll also be filming bonus videos to cover the most frequently answered questions arising from these discussions to make sure you have all the information you need.

What’s more, the course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, so if you try it and decide that it’s not for you, you have the confidence of knowing you’ll get your investment back.

Full Support When You Need It

Hey… I’m Alex Agricola

Alex Agricola Headshot

When I started out, there was no internet, so I was reliant on books and hands on experimentation to develop my skills.

When I started out, there was no internet, so I had to rely on books and hands on experimentation to develop my skills.

20+ years & thousands of projects on and it’s still surprisingly difficult to find information on leatherwork, especially for armour & costumes… Which is very much a part of WHY I wanted to share my learning…

…Which is also WHY I made the cost of my Courses and Patterns such ridiculous value… Because the real reward for me, has always been to witness the transformation in peoples projects!

Ask any of my students… From Day 1, you have me personally on tap to ask anything! No matter the question, if it’s in my power to guide you, I will.

Now It's YOUR Turn

Whether you’re a hobbyist who wants to perfect their skills or you dream of having your knotworking designs used professionally, this expansion pack to the Master Codex Course will take you wherever you want to go, just keep in mind you MUST have the Master Codex Course to make use of this pack

What Students Say About Black Raven Academy

Brian – USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Since I am new to the whole leather craft thing this course has actually helped me a lot, and Alex is very friendly and his tips are always helpful”

Zachary – USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Very impressive work. If I could, I would hire you to make me something for the start of a collection”

Matt – UK

Gold 5 Stars

“Great course, lots of content and clear instruction. Alex’ passion really shines through and the pace is very gentle. Heartily recommended”

Mike - USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Comprehensive Curriculum with Emphasis on Original Design. The ‘Tips and Tricks’ that come with Years of Experience are a Great Asset to those willing to take the time to Learn. Thank You Alex”

John - USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Very Informative and well put together. I am not a novice leather worker, but this course is expanding on my knowledge in ways I never thought of. Definitely adding new and useful tools to my toolbag”

Rich - USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Great course, straight forward and easy to follow. I recommend it for anyone who wants to make their own armor or for Cosplay friends. Outstanding!”

Marie - USA

Gold 5 Stars

“The Academy is a great in depth course that can take you in several directions. Easy to follow, thorough, also Alex is very responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!”

Ruth - USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Well thought out modules that enable the student to absorb and reflect on each topic. Great support and feedback from Alex and other students. Enjoying it a lot”

Teresa - USA

Gold 5 Stars

“I love that you can go at your own pace and there is no pressure or time constraints. So affordable too! If I could give it 10 stars I would!”

Possum - USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Well designed course for learning at your own pace. Videos are well done and concepts are explained thoroughly through video and practical instruction”

Ron – Canada

Gold 5 Stars

“I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the webinars and course material that are a part of this course. My skills as a leathercrafter are going through the roof as a result of what I am learning. An honest, well earned 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.”

The Exclusive Black Raven Armoury

"The Black Raven Codex"

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