FINALLY… The headache is over…

Discover how to RESIZE not only our armour patterns… but also how to alter and adjust many others! All under the guidance of Alex Agricola… Creator of all the designs brought to you by “Black Raven Armoury”, so that Step by Step you can… Feel the comfort of wearing something tailored especially for you!

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How Many Times have you looked at a pattern for an armour, falling in love with the design... BUT not knowing where to start, when it comes to sizing it up... or down...

Now ANYONE Can make those tweaks, the result... A FULLY FUNCTIONAL Leather Body Armour THAT FITS Your Body!

Guide To Resizing Booklet

Best of all…. I lead you step by step, you will be led through the entire process… Through simple tried & tested techniques and detailed SIMPLE to follow instructions…

Along with personal guidance and a ton of visual aids, finally you will be able to create & resize any of the armours pictured in our site and no doubt many others available from other creators, no matter your level of experience…

And Just Imagine… These techniques can be applied to way more than just leather armour…

Pretty much any material could be adjusted these ways… Including EVA Foams used for prototyping & Cosplay, even patterns to be used for metal armours…

All with the confidence your being guided by someone with 20+ years of experience, who in that time has supplied everyone from major tv & movie studios, game publishers and fellow hobby enthusiasts to the Royal Armoury…

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What's Included

What Our Students Say...

Eric Herndon Testimonial
Padrix Nick Evans Testimonial
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Brittni Smith Testimonial

Unsure where to find all your bits needed or questions during the build??… No Problem 🙂

Just contact our customer support: support_academy@blackravenarmoury.com

We will send you a list of the few bits you may need & where to get them!





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What you get:

There are large zip files to download so please be patient as this may take a little time.

Email: alex@blackravenarmoury.co.uk

PLEASE NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, digital downloads purchased from the Black Raven Online Academy Store are not returnable or refundable after purchase and downloaded.

Hey… I’m Alex Agricola

Alex Agricola The Black Raven Academy Founder

When I started out, there was no internet, so I was reliant on books and hands on experimentation to develop my skills.

When I started out, there was no internet, so I had to rely on books and hands on experimentation to develop my skills.

20+ years & thousands of projects on and it’s still surprisingly difficult to find information on leatherwork, especially for armour & costumes… Which is very much a part of WHY I wanted to share my learning…

…Which is also WHY I made the cost of my Courses and Patterns such ridiculous value… Because the real reward for me, has always been to witness the transformation in peoples projects!

Ask any of my students… From Day 1, you have me personally on tap to ask anything! No matter the question, if it’s in my power to guide you, I will.