Another Exclusive Black Raven Armoury Design The “Jarl” Armour Pattern Set

An Exclusive Design by Creator Alex Agricola of Black Raven Armoury

Jarl Full Set Pattern

No more “Wondering how much leather you’ll need” or “How many rivets” … I’ll even let you know “Which Tools” & “How to use them”

- A New Style of Learning -

EVERYTHING You Need To Build Your Very Own Fully Functional Set of Custom Jarl Armour

Best of all…. Step by Step, you will be led through the entire process… Through detailed instructions & personal guidance along with a ton of visual aids, you to will be able to create the Armour pictured, no matter your level of experience…

Save time and money while learning from a master with over 20+ years of experience, who in that time has supplied everyone from major tv & movie studios, game publishers and fellow hobby enthusiasts to the Royal Armoury…

…I know looking back to when I started almost 20+ years ago, I wish I’d had the guidance of this Academy… not to mention the incredible community of supportive fellow students, to reach out to for a bit of encouragement…

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What's Included In The Set...

Jarl Body Armour
Jarl Shoulders Pattern
Jarl Vambraces Pattern
Jarl Tassets Pattern
Jarl Greaves Pattern

What's Included

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Black Raven Students Collage

Flexi-Time Study: “As with all things, life tends to get in the way of having fun or pursuing our passions & hobbies”

This is why, our patterns and are all “In Your Own Time” projects, we have countless students who have been just picking up their projects, dipping in when time allows…. My advice, always “take your time.. enjoy the journey”

The small workbench I still design and build on…. with no more than the 7 basic tools is as much as you need… and no matter what you’re looking for we have a HUGE list of leather, metalwork and tool suppliers all around the world.

Why are the patterns So Inexpensive: “The Academy has always about making the information and training more accessible”

College, University & Trade Courses have always been costly, BUT… despite the HUGE amount of content included in my courses & patterns, I never wanted finances to be a sticking point…. almost 5 Years on, this has allowed thousands of students a chance at learning this amazing craft

Ruth – USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Well thought out modules that enable the student to absorb and reflect on each topic. Great support and feedback from Alex and other students. Enjoying it a lot”

Ron – Canada

Gold 5 Stars

“I am THOROUGHLY enjoying the webinars and course material that are a part of this course. My skills as a leathercrafter are going through the roof as a result of what I am learning. An honest, well earned 5 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended”

Teresa – USA

Gold 5 Stars

“I love that you can go at your own pace and there is no pressure or time constraints. So affordable too! If I could give it 10 stars I would!”

Possum – USA

Gold 5 Stars

“Well designed course for learning at your own pace. Videos are well done and concepts are explained thoroughly through video and practical instruction”


Your Exclusive Black Raven Armoury

The "Jarl" Full Armour 6 Piece Pattern Set


$Amount Here


***New 2024 Offer***

What you get:

Licence to Build for Personal Use + Commercial Licence to build up to 10 per per pattern set purchased

PLEASE NOTE: There are large zip files to download so please be patient as this may take a little time.

The Few Tools Needed:

Polly Mallet, Hammer for setting rivets, 1/8 inch (3mm) Punch or Drill, Sharp knife, Adjustable Stitch Groover, Rivet Setters to match rivets, No. 3 Edge Beveller, Anvil or hard surface,

Decorating tools Optional – Embossing stamps, Swivel Knife


Main Body use 9oz (3.2mm) Veg Tan or for SCA armours 13 oz Veg Tan

Straps and scales Use 6oz (2mm) You will need a piece 9×16 inches (23x40cm)

Rivets: In the following sizes:

48x 1/2 inch (12mm) rivets • 86 x 3/8 inch (10mm) rivets • 8 x 9/32 inch (7mm) rivets.

For SCA armour use solid Burr Over Rivets

Buckles : ¾ inch (19mm) buckles.

Dye, Glue

PLEASE NOTE: There are files to download so please be patient as this may take a little time.

Email: alex@blackravenarmoury.co.uk

Unless otherwise stated, digital downloads purchased from the Black Raven Online Academy Store are not returnable or refundable after purchase and downloaded.

Also Please Note* All Instructions are in English only. Do NOT purchase unless you have a full grasp of the language.