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“Master Your Craft, Maximize Your Reach with ProFinder Search ….. Our Marketing Mastery at your fingertips for Ideal Client to crafter Connection”

Ready to showcase your art to a dedicated audience? Say goodbye to the chaos of the usual irrelevant adverts and audiences and hello to potential customers that already value your skills & talent. Join us and watch your business flourish among like-minded folks who “like us” are passionate about the craft.

If you are …. That’s great! I am STOKED to introduce this exclusive “FIRST EVER” feature to you, that will give you a platform to cement yourself as a professional Crafter & Creative !!

What is ProFinder?

So, here’s the thing – I had this idea brewing in my head for a while. You see, I’m not just a crafter; I’m also a bit of a marketing wiz …

…And maybe that’s one of the most VALUABLE tools I’ve in my own toolkit..  And for the first time ever…  I wanted to build a platform that could help me link my students AND… other creatives with potential clients, just as I’ve done for Black Raven Armoury over the years… Until now, reaching upwards of over a million people a month !!

And… In a world where it’s tough to stand out online, I wanted to give creatives as a chance to shine…

…As ever our goal, to use the Black Raven Academy to help reach their full potential.

And the Directory was born...

...But how does it work...

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Fill Out The Form
And You Are Away!

Step 1: Fill in the following details:

Finally… (and most importantly!)

(Please follow our helpful guide which you can download here).

Step 2: Finalise your listing plan and your pod will be live and ready for you to preview in your State!

And you are done… It’s that simple!

What will my directory listing look like?

“That’s a fantastic question! We’ve put a lot of thought into presenting you in the most captivating and visually appealing manner possible!

We’ve outlined some simple guidelines to help you understand the best image sizes for our dynamic galleries. This ensures that your work shines brilliantly and catches the eye of everyone who visits.”

Why take my word for it, see a showcase of our example listing below…

Please Note: This example of Alex/Black Raven Armoury is just for demo purposes only.

Black Raven Armoury WILL NOT use the Black Raven Academy platform to advertise its own “Build Services” and has solely been created to support and promote its advertisers 

Gold 5 Stars

“The form was so easy to fill out and it only took a few minutes to get my Pod live and on the site!”

Gold 5 Stars

“I love the interactive map! You can’t get an easier way for people to click through and find local crafters in their area!”

Gold 5 Stars

“The image template was clear and simple to follow with how many images I can use and what sizes they need to be!”

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We have worked hard to craft the perfect way to make your listing as future proof as possible!

“And how did we make that happen, you wonder? Well, your gallery will be showcased in a randomly generated order, both on the front and back, ensuring that your listing stands out and grabs attention, whether it’s someone’s first glance or their hundredth!”

How will people find my listing?

“By leveraging our newly redesigned website, visitors will have access to a myriad of exciting features aimed at enhancing their experience. With exposure to our Facebook following of over 260,000 PLUS ongoing marketing efforts across various channels like Facebook and YouTube, your listings as a ProFinder Creative will finally receive the attention they deserve. Our goal is simple: to drive traffic directly to your services, ensuring maximum visibility and opportunities for growth.”

AND… Another important aspect was the ‘ProFinder’ Directory…. 100% Mobile friendly 

ProFinder Listing Phone
ProFinder Listing Tablet

Known globally for our thorough courses, custom armors, and user-friendly patterns. With this reputation, our website naturally draws a considerable amount of traffic. It’s not an overstatement to say that we connect with millions of people annually….

Gain unparalleled visibility and reach, connecting with thousands of eager enthusiasts and potential clients who are actively seeking your unique talents and creations

Search By State

Customers will be able to find required Crafters information by selecting the State they are based.

Looking to broaden your reach and maximize exposure? We understand the importance of expanding your potential coverage. That’s why we offer advertisers the flexibility to choose their focus across multiple states.

With our advertising feature, you’re in control of targeting your desired audience and reaching new customers wherever they may be.

So How Long Should I Sign Up For ...

Just like with any advertising strategy, it’s all about consistency. So REMEMBER… Give your FREE Listing at least three months to make its mark… This allows viewers to become familiar with your offerings, building trust and confidence in your services…

… Which assures customers that their projects are in good hands AND… solidifies your reputation in the industry.

And…. Remember to ALWAYS ask enquiries where they found you … The extension of this feature is dependant on it working for you all 🙂 

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