The Academy Online Courses

Welcome to our unique range of online courses, designed to teach you the art of designing and creating stunning leather costumes and armour. These comprehensive courses cater to all levels of experience, from total novices to seasoned professionals looking to expand their skill set. Delve into the fascinating world of leather crafting and learn how to create bespoke pieces that are both functional and visually impressive.

A Beginners Masterclass in Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories

A one of a kind step by step online Learning Program, teaching you how to design & Create your own Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories.  Every Stage explained in detail, with constant professional guidance as you progress.  Over 20+ Hours of In Depth Demonstrations, Explanations & Professional Tips & Tricks

A Beginners Masterclass in Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories – Bonus PLUS 2023 Edition

Identical content to the standard edition BUT includes extra Bonus Content

The Black Raven Codex

Learn how to create your own Norse themed knotwork Art.

A unique speed design system, developed by Alex Agricola, that will enable you to create professional level knotwork designs in minutes, rather than HOURS.  

"Our step-by-step courses will guide you through the entire process, from selecting the right materials and tools to mastering advanced techniques for shaping, dyeing, and finishing your leather creations. You'll learn how to design intricate patterns, add embellishments, and even incorporate other materials such as metal and fabric to create truly unique pieces"

Codex: Knotwork Volume 2

Take Your Costumes To The Next Level With Even More Stunning Knotwork

This next chapter in The Black Raven Codex series unlocks even more designs to be used with our Black Raven Codex series of knotworks, growing the worlds ONLY knotwork “codebreaker” that makes bringing your designs to life faster and simpler than ever before. Perfect for costuming, leather tooling, engraving, embossing, glass etching, tattooing and more.

"Whether you're an aspiring costume designer, a cosplayer, a historical reenactor, or simply someone with a passion for craftsmanship, our in-depth courses will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to bring your creative visions to life. As you progress through the curriculum, you'll gain hands-on experience working on various projects, from simple accessories to full-scale armour sets."

A Masterclass in Leather Gilding Course

Learn to Gild, Embelish & Finish, Your Leather Armours, Costumes & Accessories Part of the ‘Behind The Forge” series of behind the scenes videos. 

This full length course looks in greater detail at the techniques & processes involved in the “Gilded” embellishment of my designs that take projects to a whole new level of quality. Every Stage explained in detail, with constant professional guidance as you progress. With over an hour of Demonstrations, Explanations & Including a Professional Tips & Tricks to make your designs stand out.

The Black Raven Armoury