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Firstly, …. I’d like to thank you all again for your continued support & introduce our “First”ever Guide to Re-Sizing Patterns ????

I’d also like to extend a warm welcome welcome to newer students as well as those of you who’ve already enrolled in my other courses or tried any of my patterns previously and once again I wanted to take a moment to explain a few recommendations for how best to proceed with these projects as well as clarifying certain aspects within this any of my programs (for those of you who read this).

This guide very much very much comes as a result of having been driven bonkers reading so much drivel put out there on the Internet about everything being a matter of scaling on a photocopier……..

Just ask any professional tailor if that’s how they do things and I think you’d find yourself making your way swiftly out of the door at the insult ????

So what I’ve done here, as a first step is to do my best to simplify some of the processes that will help you make minor alterations to the patterns that you can purchase…. Either from us, or anybody else, the same processes should apply.

As ever one of the most critical parts that I would always recommend is the creation of a duct tape dummy..

… But I will go fully into the process within this short guidebook..

As ever, any questions, please just reach out. I’m sure this will be of great help to many of you.

Regards Alex

Black Raven Armoury

As with all my courses & patterns you have access to any support you may want whilst building this or any other project we can be contacted via the comments in the Academy or via email:


Genuinely, most of you who know me from the Black raven Armoury Page, or have worked with me on any past projects, already realise how passionate I am about this whole industry… and it’s very much this passion that’s motivated me to share as much as I can of my own experiences ….
The biggest and most important lesson of all being for you to “play” with these patterns…. Remember there is no “right or wrong”
Just have some fun

As I was discussing only the other day with a number of students … “There are no hard rules” … each and every project and set of rules will change with each and every project..

– Alex
Black Raven Armoury


File Security: You may download, the files and revisit the content as many times as you wish but as always, I’d respectfully request that you keep these downloads safe and secure. 

As with all my courses you have access to any support you may want whilst building this project & I can be contacted via the comments in the Academy, via my Facebook page or via email (

A final note…

I very much always intended these projects be a introduction to the Academy and will be keeping in touch with you all over the coming weeks just to see how your getting on, answer any extra questions about the Academy

Have fun everyone, I look forward to seeing your projects.

P.S – PLEASE… I hate spam personally .. and even more so, I dislike being contacted when I have not given permission. You will get a NEWS from me along the way but if at any point you have no interest, please just hit the unsubscribe button in the email, I really would like to ensure “stuff” from us is only going out to folks with a genuine interest 🙂


Alex Agricola


Black Raven Armoury

Design and production specialist of Leather Armour & Accessories for a variety of industries including Larp, Ren, Cosplay, Motion Pictures & Television.