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Book of the Norse – Volume 2


Just wanted to share a moment to welcome all students both old and new while introducing this, my first volume of knotworks.

This collection of is made up of 16 Sheets (61 Designs) of Norse/Viking/Celtic theme ART Drawings, specifically created for craftspeople to use on their projects.

The ideal solution, for anyone looking for art to adorn their leather work, tattoos or embroidery, the actual uses are limitless.

With Each Digital Download You Get:

– 16 Artwork sheet in A3 size format
– 16 Artwork sheet in ANSI B size format

These sheets have been specifically created as a tool to help craftspeople and artists to have and use professionally created art on their projects and at all times I would respectfully ask Black Raven Armoury Credited when used.

In addition to personal use, when purchasing the owner will be granted limited small scale commercial use of the designs for their projects, BUT this Art may NOT be used for production of T-Shirts.

Should the rights granted with this purchase be found to been abused in any way by a purchaser, I reserve the right to relinquish the ability to use it.


Please Note: Unless otherwise stated, digital downloads purchased from the Black Raven Online Academy Store are not returnable or refundable after purchase and downloaded.

Black Raven Knotwork Art Use & Copyrights

As Purchaser of this book of Art, you are able to use all the designs however you want, aside of reproducing them as pieces of printed art or digital art unless as part of an overall larger design.

Whether as Individual or Small Trader or Prospective Small Trader, you are able to create your own variations and patterns to be featured on your creations. All I respectfully ask is that you give some credit for the initial foundation of your design of the Knotwork.

You all know how passionate I am about this craft and industry, and you’ll all know how I love to share my students work on the Black Raven Page, so please… share your creations with me.

This the beginning of a new creative journey and I’d love to see where it takes you.

Finally, as with all projects I am here to support and assist you and will do my best to reply to all questions asked. I would ask just a little patience at the speed of reply as it could take a few days.

A huge thanks again for all your support & look forward to an amazingly creative year with you all.

Black Raven Armoury


File Security: You may download, the files and revisit the content as many times as you wish but as always, I’d respectfully request that you keep these downloads safe and secure. 

As with all my courses you have access to any support you may want whilst building this project & I can be contacted via the comments in the Academy, via my Facebook page or via email (

A final note…

I very much always intended these projects be a introduction to the Academy and will be keeping in touch with you all over the coming weeks just to see how your getting on, answer any extra questions about the Academy

Have fun everyone, I look forward to seeing your projects.

P.S – PLEASE… I hate spam personally .. and even more so, I dislike being contacted when I have not given permission. You will get a NEWS from me along the way but if at any point you have no interest, please just hit the unsubscribe button in the email, I really would like to ensure “stuff” from us is only going out to folks with a genuine interest 🙂


Alex Agricola


Black Raven Armoury

Design and production specialist of Leather Armour & Accessories for a variety of industries including Larp, Ren, Cosplay, Motion Pictures & Television.