Masterclass in gilding

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A Masterclass in Gilding Leather

Firstly, I’d like to thank you all… This is a subject that really has created a massive stir in the hobby over the last few years….. Something so old in its origins and a skill still very much coveted.

Now…. as any of you on my Pro Masterclass Course know, as part of those offerings I have covered in some degree the techniques I use to embellish my projects and yet STILL…. You asked me for MORE…

So here you are… As much detail and demos as I could stuff into a video as possible….. AND…. As much as I could stuff into a workbook, just for quick reference….

So “Why The Bonus Knotwork Book” I hear you ask….

Simple really….. It’s Just my way to say “Thank YOU” for all your support helping the Academy grow the last few years and supporting my passion for sharing this knowledge



Genuinely, most of you who know me from the Black raven Armoury Page, or have worked with me on any past projects, already realise how passionate I am about this whole industry… and it’s very much this passion that’s motivated me to share as much as I can of my own experiences ….

The biggest and most important lesson of all being for you to “play” with these techniques …. Remembering there is no “right or wrong… Just Learning”

Just have some fun


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File Security: You may download, the files and revisit the content as many times as you wish but as always, I’d respectfully request that you keep these downloads safe and secure. 

As with all my courses you have access to any support you may want whilst building this project & I can be contacted via the comments in the Academy, via my Facebook page or via email (

A final note…

I very much always intended these projects be a introduction to the Academy and will be keeping in touch with you all over the coming weeks just to see how your getting on, answer any extra questions about the Academy

Have fun everyone, I look forward to seeing your projects.

P.S – PLEASE… I hate spam personally .. and even more so, I dislike being contacted when I have not given permission. You will get a NEWS from me along the way but if at any point you have no interest, please just hit the unsubscribe button in the email, I really would like to ensure “stuff” from us is only going out to folks with a genuine interest 🙂


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