A Step-By-Step, Beginners Guide

Begin The Lifelong Adventure Of Creating Your Own Leather Armour, Costume & Accessories

I have lost count how many times I’ve been asked if I was ever going to put any of my teaching or guidance into print and admittedly, it’s taken 4 years getting it just right… The balance of something usable both in the workshop as a walk though, while also something as a ready reference on your bookshelf… The result being the most Detailed IN DEPTH, collection of techniques, shared and explained ever…

Originally only offered as part of our main course, but now combining elements of the workbooks from my main course and hours of previously unseen video footage & photographs from both past projects going back over 25+ years

A Professional Glimpse Into The Leathercrafting Process

A Professional Glimpse Into The Entire Design & Leather Armour & Costume Crafting Process

232 full colours pages of step by step guidance, hundreds of techniques covering both leather & Eva foam… with over 450 images AND… 30 Video excerpt demos, taken from my courses..and so much more than “just another guide” for Leather & Costuming…

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Just a glimpse into a few of the projects students have pushed out over the last three years...

Everyone from Total Beginners to Seasoned Pros

Black Raven Mentorship Student Examples
Black Raven Mentorship Student Examples
Black Raven Mentorship Student Examples

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Hey… I’m Alex Agricola

Alex Agricola Headshot

When I started out, there was no internet, so I was reliant on books and hands on experimentation to develop my skills.

20+ years & thousands of projects on and it’s still surprisingly difficult to find information on leatherwork, especially for armour & costumes… Which is very much a part of WHY I wanted to share my learning…

…Which is also WHY I made the cost of my Courses and Patterns such ridiculous value… Because the real reward for me has always been to witness the transformation in people’s projects!

Ask any of my students… From Day 1, you have me personally on tap to ask anything! No matter the question, if it’s in my power to guide you, I will.